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Saturday, May 12, 2012
I made these extras using Scrappin Krazy Design's Dangerous kit which you can get here ~>

Click on tag to make it larger and save it.
I will be writing a tut up for the tag in just a bit.
Sunday, May 6, 2012

This tutorial was written for those that have a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies needed:

I used Tropical Peach Scrapkit by Scrappin Krazy Designs which you can get ~>

Tube of Choice
I am using the artwork of Zlata_M. You must purchase a license to use this art. You may do so at PFD ~>

Filters I used
Xero Procelain
Xero Radiance
Richard Rosenman Scanlines
Dropshadow included with program (settings 1,1,50,5 black and -1,-1,50, 5 black)
Gaussian Blur included with program

- Lets get started -

Open a new document sized 650x250

Add a paper of choice I used p14 and resized to 450x450, duplicate this layer and hide it for later

Add your tube, center and hide this layer, since I used a tube from PFD I didn't need to use a close-up

Behind your main tube layer add your close-up again positioned towards the left hand side duplicate and mirror,
merge these 2 tubes together.

Duplicate this layer, on the original change to luminance (L) and change opacity to 28 and the duplicate layer
to soft light with a gaussian blur of 3. On the duplicate layer add xero procelain and xero radiance default settings

Merge the paper layer and close-up tube layers. Use the scanlines plugin with the following settings

On your duplicate paper layer select all and select selection borders with the following settings and invert and clear so that you
are left with a frame. Add noise shown in the second screenshot shown below. Move this to top of your layers

Add your elements of choice behind your main tube layer. I used the following elements in my example tag

ele50- peach ribbon
ele16- sparkle
ele27- pink heart resized by 20%

Add the correct copyright for the artist you used

Add your name in the font of your choice.

Save your tag but don't merge layers together we need it open to do the avatar

For the avatar:

Open a new document sized 175x175

I copied my merged tube/paper layer and pasted it as a new layer resized by 75% or to your liking

Add your main tube to the left of the avatar. I resized mine by 70%

I added ele16 behind my tube and drop shadowed it

I added p14 as a top layer resizing it to 175x175 pixels and used the same selection border as the sig

Add the correct copyright for the artist you used

Add your name or initial in the font of your choice

Save your tag

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